Focus on the people side of strategy and execution

Individuals may create a brilliant strategy but it’s teams of people, working together, who have to execute it. That’s why at Papilio, we help you build strong and healthy teams that deliver results together. We work with teams in transition to intentionally create a culture that drives organizational success through extraordinary communication, trust, accountability and collaboration.

We provide training and facilitate business strategy sessions for small to mid-size marketing and executive teams.  We enjoy working in partnership with our clients to customize workshops to address your current needs and challenges.

Fostering Growth Through Interactive Workshops

In all our workshops, we design the sessions to help teams and individuals broaden their perspective and tap into the wisdom of their colleagues to drive team performance.  We offer proven workshops in:

Purposeful Leadership

Get practical tools and explore the quality and traits of being the leader you want to be and the leader your team needs you to be.

Leading Through Change

Learn how people move through change and use that awareness to be a more effective and compassionate leader.

Executive Presence

Unpack the real meaning behind executive presence and learn practical steps to increase your inner confidence.

Habits of Great Managers

Designed for new mangers or managers scaling up, this workshop focuses on critical areas needed to help engage and drive results consistently with your team.

Personal Branding

A hands on working session to identify your unique strengths, value, and how to position yourself to others for career advancement.

Coaching for Managers

Learn how to be a more effective coach to help draw the best out of your team.

Spotlight On: Team Strategy Sessions

Business today are tackling big challenges.  At Papilio, we created our Team Strategy Sessions to help marketing leaders be intentional in building a business strategy and understanding relationship dynamics to drive business success.

In our approach as coaches, we partner with you in an ongoing process to implement changes in your business and your team.   We know that improving the human dynamics among team members influences team effectiveness and behaviors. Where employees feel safe to share successes, ask for help, take risks and fully support each other – that’s when results happen.

Learn how we can customize a program for your team.

Extraordinary communication, trust, skill and collaboration are the difference between success and failure.

Contact us to learn more about what it means to work with a coach vs. a consultant for your next team event. We can build a custom program for your team.