Introducing Papilio

We believe people are incredibly unique and wildly talented. At Papilio our job is to help you see this for yourself and use it every day to wow your team, your boss, and yourself.

Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones

Shannon is passionate about enabling personal and organizational transformation.

Shannon Jones is a business and leadership coach. As CEO of Papilio Coaching, a consulting and coaching firm in the Seattle area, she focuses her work on helping great marketers become great leaders. Shannon is passionate about enabling personal and organizational transformation and helping her clients be intentional about their own growth and the organizational culture they want to build. Her expertise lies in working with clients to uncover what makes them exceptional and directing their strengths and talents to lead with a sense of purpose, authenticity, openness, and trust.

Her more than 16 years of experience in leadership roles at Microsoft managing teams in product management, marketing and talent management in the US and Canada helps her apply relevant and real-world experiences in her coaching and workshops.

As a coach and consultant Shannon has worked with global clients from Microsoft, LinkedIn, Zillow, Lending Home, Yesler, HP and others and has facilitated workshops on purposeful leadership, habits of great managers, leading through change and executive presence. Shannon is an member of the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), A certified 360Reach Analyst through Reach Branding and serves as a coleader the ICF WA Eastside Satellite group,. Shannon completed her coach training through Seattle Coach and d her Mentor Coach through Invite Change.

Karen Steckler

Karen Steckler

Three themes emerge from Karen’s career: creativity, learning and people.

Three themes emerge from Karen’s career: creativity (thinking outside the box, problem solving), learning (curiosity, always), and people (making connections, learning what makes them tick).

Leveraging these strengths as an ICF Certified Professional Coach (PCC) allows her to operate at and offer her very best to her clients, whether she’s working one-on-one, within a team, or integrating an entire organization.

When Karen is working with clients, they feel seen without judgement which allows an open exchange to naturally flow. Most importantly, the foundation of trust created allows her clients to step into the confidence and inspiration and take whatever steps are needed to show up more authentically, and more powerfully, in both work and life.
On and off the job, she is a lifelong learner. Wherever her curiosity leads her —to a new book, a new hiking trail, or on travels her husband and Roxy the dog brings—she finds joy.