“Shannon was friendly and supportive and structured. The process she developed was easy to follow. Each phase, building upon the last, would teach me something new about myself and forced me to consider aspects of a career I had not yet considered. In short, my work with Shannon was exactly what I needed to jump start my career. With her help, I was able to identify and tap into my strengths to find out, not only what I am good at, but what I am passionate about. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone or any organization that wants to tap into their greater potential.”

Kat B.

“Shannon had an amazing ability to zero in on core issues and create strategic and innovative solutions and inspire those around her to constantly strive for more. I highly recommend Shannon as a coach, front of the room facilitator, communications and business professional. She is extremely savvy and will add tremendous value to any project she takes on.”

Michelle L. Evans

“Shannon helped me by identifying, sorting, re-prioritizing and further developing my key strengths. At the same time identified gaps and improvement activities to re-shape my personal brand. She had this unique ability to motivate me and make me work hard on my improvements. As a result I am able to position and sell myself far better and know how, when and where to influence and drive for impact. I would recommend coaching with Shannon to people who want to improve and further develop as part of an agile organization and are open to work hard and invest in their own development.”

M. Harzheim

“I worked with Shannon to help define and build an actionable career plan for myself. I really didn’t appreciate how much I could benefit from this type of coaching until I tried it, but I’m glad I did. Throughout the process, she assisted me with both the strategy and tactics of making a career change - from developing my executive presence to helping me fundamentally understand what I valued most in a career. Shannon consistently challenged me to take steps forward and held me accountable to doing so. Despite a global pandemic, we were able to find a new role I love in short order, and I am thrilled to carry her advice into this new chapter.”


“Rarely do I provide unsolicited recommendations for colleagues. Shannon deserves this and other accolades directed toward her. Her coaching and mentorship helped guide me from a great job to an even better one. She helped me pinpoint my professional passion, and in doing so, pointed me to a role that has helped to define my professional career. I am very pleased to see her dedicated full-time to consulting and coaching.”

Jerome Stewart

“Shannon Jones provided me the coaching I needed when I was not sure of my next career move. Shannon excels in bringing out the answers via a process of critical thinking. She utilized her multiple years of marketing experience at Microsoft to assist me in the design of my personal marketing plan. I cannot thank Shannon enough! I highly recommend her.”

A Marketing Manager

“We hired Shannon to speak with our future leadership team about Executive Presence. She brought humility balanced with knowledge. Its is clear that Shannon has the experience to back up her wisdom, and a passion for helping leaders grow. We will definitely be having her back as a coach and speaker.”

Anika Lehde

“Shannon helped me realize that it's not just a job title that defines our satisfaction at work, but the kinds of tasks, how we work, and the values of people around us that all contribute to the satisfaction we get (or don't get) out of our jobs. I realized that I didn't have to change my job right away to feel good about my work, but rather that I could make changes about what projects I picked and the people I choose to maximize my time with.”

A Marketing Professional

“THANK YOU for building and delivering a really great training experience that provided me with many opportunities for pause, reflection, and ideas to support “thinking out of the box”. I cannot stress how much real, pragmatic value I gained from the 2 days.”

Mark Sorenson